i had an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone, so. drabble. here we go.

”Shouldn’t you be doing something… I don’t know, useful right about now?”

He didn’t look up at her as she flitted about his head. Instead he continued to stare, chin in his palms, elbows on his knees, as the people below him milled about, moving logs and calling out for each other.

"What’s the point?" he mumbled. "No matter what I do, it’s all going to be undone in a few days anyway."

He swung his legs underneath him, and for a second Tatl wondered if he was thinking about jumping. Not that it would kill him; he’d done it hundreds (or was it thousands?) of times before, from higher ledges than the one jutting out from the Clock Tower. Even then, the most he walked away with was a scratch or two. She’d never seen anyone able to do that but him. Sometimes she wondered if he was even human.

"11:15. Postman’s coming from East Clock Town."

She didn’t have to look to know that was true. The “ka-ching!” of the postbox was enough to tell her he was right, as always. Maybe he’d made an effort to memorize where everyone was at every minute of the day. Maybe he made an effort to forget, but the endless repetition of every single movement, every word, every sound and smell coming at exactly the same moment were burned into his memory. Tatl knew for a fact she could recite Anju’s midnight spiel about her fiance word for word. It unnerved her.

"So what? It’s better than sitting around and watching them die miserable."

"Is it?" Link looked up at her. His eyes were dark and dull, the beginnings of purple starting to peek out from underneath. His mouth was a straight line, expressionless. For a second, Tatl wondered whose mask he was wearing, but as soon as she realized, she tried to think of something else.

"Y…yeah, it is!" she insisted. "And who knows, maybe… maybe this time, they’ll…"

"Remember?" Link finished the sentence for her and laughed dryly. "Survive? Maybe. If I don’t mess up."

"You won’t."

"I have."

She doesn’t know how to respond.

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